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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final grade of the year TOMORROW!!!!

Be sure to study!


+ & -  Use common denominators to solve

X  Make everything a fraction, X numerators, X denominators, simplify.  You can cross cancel when multiplying

÷   Make everything a fraction, keep the first fraction, change ÷ to X and use the reciprocal of the second fraction, then X

Simplify Everything!


+ & -  Line up the decimals, drop the decimal into the answer

X  Ignore the decimals, X, count the space after the decimal and place your decimal

÷   Get rid of decimals in the divisor by moving it to the ->, do the same to the dividend, float the decimal up, ÷


Mean:  Average, + the numbers (hit = on the calc), ÷ by the amount of values

Median:  Middle, put numbers in order, count to the middle, average if there are 2 left

Mode:  Most, the value that appears the most

Range:  The largest number subtract the smallest

-Miss K  :)

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